Cindy Folkers, of, gave this 15 minute informative, concise presentation as part of the 2-day international symposium on ‘The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident,‘ held at the New York Academy of Medicine, NYC, March 11 & 12, 2013, co-sponsored by The Helen Caldicott Foundation and Physicians for Social Responsibility. Please watch and share! Full program videos are viewable here.

4/14/16  SBWire ~ Parents, Health Experts Say No 2020 Olympics in Radioactive Fukushima

4/07/15 Press Release ~ Stop Fast Track TPP, Say NO to Radioactive Food from Japan!

Pacifica Radio’s Project Censored.  The Continuing Fukushima Nuclear Crisis. Professors Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips interview Libbe Halevy and Kimberly Roberson:

Issues Today Syndicated Interview with Bob Gourley featuring Kimberly Roberson:

*Bellingham, Washington’s Joe Teejan interviews Kimberly Roberson and Cindy Folkers about man-made radiation now being found in the US food supply:

*Interview with Kimberly Roberson on WOCM-FM – Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show

*Kimberly Roberson’s first interview with Bob Gourley, Issues Today – syndicated to 140 stations nationwide:Kimberly Roberson

*Libbie HaLevy’s Nuclear Hot Seat podcast #95: Radiation & Food Safety: FFAN Actions w/Cindy Folkers, Mary Beth Brangan

*Blogging about Radiation in Food and Citizen Action on Natural News:



*Bellingham, Washington’s Joe Teejan interviews Kimberly Roberson and Diane D’Arrigo of FFAN about Fukushima radioactive fallout, the new FDA petition campaign for food monitoring and more:




*Kimberly Roberson’s interview with Nuclear Hotseat’s Libbe Halevy: Holistic health tips for “intestinal fortitude” and going the distance under stress from Fukushima’s threat:


Dallas Ft. Worth fitness expert George DiGianni interviews Silence Deafening author Kimberly Roberson and Beyond Nuclear Radiation and Health Expert Cindy Folkers

WGDR Personal and Political’s Stephanie Frasier interviews Kimberly Roberson and Cindy Folkers

AM 1190 Kern Corner Sacramento with Jeff Lamucchii

Honolulu Hawaii, David Snow “Dr. Health” – August 25, 2012

Ocean City Maryland Irie Radio FM 98.1 The Bulldog Morning - August 6, 2012

“The Nuclear Fuel Chain: From Fukushima to the Kitchen Table” Call-in Event Featuring Kimberly Roberson and EON Co Director Marybeth Brangan 
Fukushima Daiichi’s impact on our environment and food supply is discussed during this hour long discussion including Q & A from callers.


On the Issues Magazine Election Edition

Huffington Post Review: Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout… A Mother’s Response by Karl Grossman
Amid the cover-up of the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, the title if Kimberly Roberson’s book rings so unfortunately true: Read more.

Fukushima’s Hot Water: Now Fallout in Our Kitchens? by Kimberly Roberson
Information about radioactive fallout from Japan has been in very short supply since the unprecedented triple nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi on March 11, 2011. Read more.

MOMSpot Interview of Kimberly Roberson by Mary Brune
In this issue of The MOMSpot, we chat with Kimberly Roberson: Read more.

counterpunch Review of Silence Deafening by Karl Grossman
Amid the cover-up of the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, the title of Kimberly Roberson’s book rings so unfortunately true: Read more

The Monitor: Nuclear Information and Resource Service

SBWire Groups Demand FDA Respond to Petition to Lower Limit of Radioactivity Allowed in Food; Institute More Robust Testing (via SBWire)
Beltsville, MD — (SBWIRE) — 04/03/2014 — The Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN) today responded to statements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the agency is not advising people “to alter their consumption of specific foods…

Washington, DC — (SBWIRE) — 07/30/2013 — Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN) today applauded the recent American Medical Association (AMA) resolution that calls on the U.S. government to test all U.S. seafood for radiation and fully report…

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    Old Coyote Knose… that the FUKUSHIMA JET STREAM slowly poisons the land and the people in the United States (of Perpetual War Profiteering).

  2. Gregory deBruler

    This link does not work. File cannot be found.

    Bellingham, Washington’s Joe Teejan interviews Kimberly Roberson and Diane D’Arrigo of FFAN about Fukushima radioactive fallout, the new FDA petition campaign for food monitoring and more:

    1. Kim

      Thanks for letting me know! Joe told me that the station made some changes and consequently he was unable to find the interview to repost.. A new one with Joe is now featured at the top of the media page, this one with Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear. Thanks for listening!

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  4. eric Stromberger

    Hi Kim Roberson,- if this going to you. Thanks for all you are doing. We live on the Northern California coast and are concerned. I emailed Mali Lightfoot at Helen Caldicott’s web site – looking there for dietary
    supplements. She suggest that you might be a source for this. I am a film and network person and am wanting to pass along info to our community.
    Any dietary info related to Fukushima would be helpful.


  5. Holly Glaser

    Hello Kim,
    I’ve been trying to contact you one way or another for several months now. I read your book and have been a bit in shock since. I live in Portland with my husband and five year old twin boys. Very close to your son’s age, no?

    I’m hoping to get on your facebook page and/or any other way to get in the loop. I vacillate between trying to figure out how to respond and slipping back into denial. I’d love some connection and help sorting through, even just seeing what others are doing.

    Like, are you still living in the Bay Area? How in the world do you feed your family? Are you considering staying long term?

    These are all questions I’m asking. And, what can I do? I mean, long term and sustainable, how can I contribute?

    My husband works with now and that is our families contribution to the future. I’d like to do something small and sustainable to bring awareness to this Fukushima mess that I could maybe amp up later.

    Hoping to hear from you or someone.



    1. Kim

      Hello Holly,
      My apologies, I did reply to an earlier post, but it must not have gone through, I’m so sorry. Can you please send your email address to We can continue our discussion there but to answer a few of your questions now: Yes, I’m still in the Bay Area. There are so many “hot spots” around the US that relocating is a tough question to consider. On the upshot the Bay Area is several hundred miles away from a commercial operating nuclear reactor. As far as other problems, as we have seen recently with the WIIP nuclear disaster in NM on the plume that is spreading easterly over several states, there really is no absolute safe place now where nukes are concerned. People have relocated post 311 only to find themselves living near a nuclear reactor, or a waste/production site of some kind. So it’s a two pronged approach: working to hasten the transition to renewables within our communities, and protecting our family at home. For the latter, after looking at this 24/7 for a long time, I’m convinced that it comes down to immune support which includes avoiding certain foods like seafood and dairy (it’s a big adjustment but doable until we get transparent food testing) and taking supplements targeting detoxification including highly purified liquid zeolite, apple pectin powder, a high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement, Vitamin C, D, and others. Before Fukushima there were many more threats to the food supply, so again, focusing on immune support is key. For more information, my nutrition website is and there are Facebook and Twitter links there too. I am hoping to update’ Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout..A Mother’s Response’ this summer. Also, you can find the FFAN Facebook page link on the homepage of this website here at It would be great to have some help if you’re interested in volunteering too, I’ve found that it helps a lot to be proactive, will look forward to your email. Thank you for writing!

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