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What Radioactive fallout from Fukushima is getting in our food and water producing negative health effects for generations to come.

Who Women and children are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of radiation. You can’t see it or taste it, but it’s getting into our food and water because of nuclear power and the inevitable disasters like Fukushima and Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

Why should we care: the radiation in the fallout causes cancer and other diseases. The radioactive particles accumulate in humans and the food we eat.

When did it start/end: the meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima produced quantities of radioactive gas and liquid that have migrated (and will continue indefinitely) to the US in the air, soil, and water.  It will be with us for decades to come.

What can be done: We need transparent food monitoring systems and a significant decrease in the amount of man-made radiation currently allowed in our food supply.  The US has the highest allowable permissable levels for radiation in food IN THE WORLD.

Three Quick and Easy Ways that You Will Make A Difference:

1) Sign the food monitoring petitions (TAKE ACTION) to send a powerful message to Sacramento and Washington that people care and demand transparent and responsible food monitoring. This only takes two minutes. Five more minutes to comment on our Citizen Petition (TAKE ACTION).

2) Read “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout..A Mother’s Response” by FFAN Founder Kimberly Roberson buy the book. 100 pages. Knowledge is empowerment for change.

3) Make a tax deductible donation of any amount to support Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network programs. Please donate today, any amount to fit any budget is most appreciated.
Kimberly Roberson on “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout..”:

“Our government and media had taken a bizarre vow of silence on Fukushima Daiichi’s impact both in Japan, the US, and northern hemisphere. No one in my community was talking about it, on TV, radio or anywhere else for that matter unless I searched the Internet. I started a petition calling for food monitoring of radioactive fallout from Fukushima that is continuing to generate signatures for over two years now.”

Her groundbreaking book, with haiku title, “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout…A Mother’s Response”, chronicles the early days of the Fukushima disaster from a mother’s perspective.  It bears witness in events leading to action, and seeks to insprire others to do the same.  It explains in lay terms how we got here, and how and why we so urgently need to get out. At 100 pages ”Silence Deafening” is an effective way to learn about the issue and to share information with family, friends, and communities. “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout…A Mother’s Response” is now available in print and for download on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and the book. Knowledge is empowerment for change.

“Out beyond right and wrong there is a field, I’ll meet you there” ~ Rumi

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