Contact List

Contact List

“Deepest gratitude to the following organizations for their inspiration, assistance and expertise. They have fought the good fight for many years. They are anti-nuclear, safe energy¬†heroes.” ~ Kimberly Roberson, Director of FFAN

Beyond Nuclear

Citizens for Health

Ecological Options Network, EON


Food and Water Watch

Greenpeace, USA

Helen Caldicott Foundation, Nuclear Free Planet

Nuclear Information and Resource Service, NIRS

Nuke Free


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  1. Alice

    I am so happy to have discovered your website!

    I live in the northwestern Michigan, in the little finger of “the Mitten”, in an area that was voted “Most Beautiful Place in America” a couple of years ago. For the past two years I have been observing changes in the vegetation in the woods here that I believe are a result of Fukushima fallout. I began noticing strange anomalies here and there last spring and summer — this year the changes are, in my opinion, rampant, and quite alarming. The ferns all seem to be expressing signs of severe genetic damage, the dandelions are showing thick “ribboning” of their stems and are growing in spirals, the milkweed — which is the only food of the caterpillar of the Monarch butterfly — seems to have completely mutated into a completely new species of plant, and there are Maple leaves that are mottled in color, as thin as tissue paper, and as big as my head.

    I am wondering where to go with this information. I have taken hundreds of photos, and would like to broadcast them to raise awareness– but I have no way to confirm if what I am seeing is what I believe it to be. So I am wondering if there are any places I might send plant materials to….or even better, any biologists or specialists who would be interested in coming here to take samples? I would gladly house them and take them to the places I am seeing these dramatic changes in the plant life here.

    Thank you for any information you might provide.

    1. Kroberson Post author

      Alice, thanks so much for your comment and information. I shared your message with an expert who advises the following:

      1) That you first discuss the data with a qualified plant biologist, and see if your observations are unique.
      2) Secondly, working with that biologist, you should determine, or at least hypothesize, what possible causes exist.
      3) After that step, if you still believe radiation is at work, then you should catalogue all of the possible sources. Sometimes there are unexpected natural or industrial sources of radionuclides nearby. When they have a list of suspects, (whether or not they still suspect fallout), at that point a lab might be able to help them with some targeted analyses.
      I hope this helps, please keep me posted and I’ll connect you with someone who can help once you consider the above.

  2. Ruby

    Hello Kimberly,

    Your report “Silence is Deafening” was refreshing to read because I have been following this issue since the beginning and have a large collection of files on the subject. We are up on Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle and I am amazed at how hard it is to get any current data about the presence of hot particles or radiation in the food chain on the West Coast, or just the general situation with the current Fukushima radiation impacts on the West Coast, or the US in general. Do you have any updates or sources you could recommend? Do you know of groups that are testing food, air etc ? I know that Fairewinds and are good sites for info on Fukushima. I’m also amazed at the non-awareness/denial amongst the people who live here, especially since it is a fairly progressive community and people care about living healthy lives. It would be great to educate people , which would hopefully encourage more testing to find out what is actually going on.
    I really appreciate you bearing witness to this ongoing tragedy when many are too afraid to even look at it. But denial is only going to let it get worse, and being aware of what is happening is a first step to changing it for the better. I am a mother too, and I also want a healthy planet for our children.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Doris

      I am a grandmother of a three-year-old who lives in Lynnwood, WA, and I am extremely worried about the radiation that this area has experienced from the melt-downs of the Japanese reactors, and I have tried to let people around me know what is happening but people tend to want to hide their heads in the sand and not face reality. If it is not in the main-stream news, it is not happening. I write letters to the newspaper but they are not printed. There was even an opinion piece in the local paper, The Seattle Times, about the safety of nuclear power. I worry about what the future holds for my little grandson. I try to feed him only organic foods but that is no guarantee that the foods that he is eating are safe. Other relatives do not share my concern. I feel that I am one of the few crying out in the darkness about the dangers of Fukushima.

  3. Joe

    Thank You so much for all your doing here!
    With the news blackout and all the avoidance by CRIMINAL Gov agencies, WE NEED all the help making people aware as possible!
    We need to put extreme pressure on Japan to let an International force take over the CRIMINAL IDIOT Keystone cops at TEPCO!
    We also need to get all nuclear spent fuel rods on site across this country IMMEDIATELY into Dry Casket storage!

  4. Holly Glaser

    Hello and thank you so much for Silence Deafening and for this website. I have only recently woken up to the fact that this is happening and I’m more than a bit horrified as I’ve been trapsing around with my now 5 year old twins eating dirt, puddle jumping, you name it, and eating gobs and gobs of fresh berries and local everything, especially Kale. OMG! This is not good.

    So now I want to begin to make changes and I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’m wondering if you have any idea how I might connect with others here in Portland, or even anywhere, who has made or is making these changes too.

    I wish I’d been telling my kids since they were two not to take the free sample organic berries from Whole Foods, and what in the world should I do about my garden. And our plan was to get to the point of growing most of our food.

    I’m afraid I get it but am in a bit of disbelief and would love not to feel so alone in this.

    Any ideas how I might find others? Are you or anyone else you know keeping lists of where you are sourcing foods or supplements from? Do you know someone I should ask?

    Thank you! And gobs of gratitude for your work, each and every one of you!

  5. Darrell D. Davisson, Ph.D.

    I am not an alarmist, but when there is one, big one, I want to think and act. Signing the petitions is a start but as a researcher who has given this topic even the most superficial exam, the handwriting is on the wall, everywhere. There is an incurable epidemic sweeping the northern hemisphere in terms of human disease alone. What the FDA does or doesn’t do is just a battle that must continue. In the meantime, major questions to ask.
    1. Why so many breast cancers (men too!)?
    2. Why so many children with fatal brain tumors?
    3. Why are FDA food and drug inspectors not supplied with radioactive isotope detectors (old name: Geiger counters) that read sievres and bequerels?
    4. If Strontium 90 and calcium appear on the Periodic Table of Elements together?
    I suggest the following: test every fish market, every morning for radiation levels, recognizing there are no “safe levels;” What is the relationship between Strontium 90 and brain, breast, bone, and blood (as in leukemia) cancer and the consumption of milk and other calcium rich products. Development of radiation detection equipment that any household or private doctor could afford to use to care for their families, patients, and themselves. Radiation poisoning is not a single phenomenon, but is massive and historically complex in its scope and pathways to genetic redesigning botanical and organic life. No one is exempt. Radiation does not care if you are rich or smart or powerful or healthy. It can and will destroy us with the noted “whimper” and long-term pain, rather than with a big bang. We have the capacity to reason and to learn. It is our only weapon against our own ignorance and misuse of knowing.

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