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 “We are alarmed at the lack of testing currently in place to meet the present-and-growing threat of Cesium 134 and 137 contamination in our food supply. The time is past-due for a comprehensive response to radiation present in our food supply from the Fukushima disaster. ” Alexis Lynn Baden-Mayer, Political Director, Organic Consumers Association

“FFAN is the only group working toward safe food policy in the U.S. due to the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe.  Please support their work and comment on the FDA Citizen Petition today!” Dr. Peter Montague, Founder and Director of Environmental Research Foundation



Greenpeace Report on 10 Years of Fukushima Nuclear Accident | DiaNuke.org  

2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Radioactive Fukushima?


Two New Anime Envoys are here to spread the news…



A MESSAGE FROM FFAN-Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network:
Around the world children who are currently adolescent and possibly younger are in training to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games in Japan. Their parents most likely have no idea that some of the venues will be in close proximity to the most devastating and ongoing nuclear and industrial disaster in world history, Fukushima Daiichi. SIGN and SHARE the PETITION here:  http://bit.ly/FFANpetition  


In the News 

3/10/21  Torch relay among final hurdles for postponed Tokyo Olympics  https://bit.ly/3qPVEw1

3/19/19 Head Of Japan’s Olympic Committee Steps Down Amid Tokyo 2020 Corruption Probe https://bit.ly/2uyZjDn

3/11/19 2020 Tokyo Olympics Torch Relay to Start in Fukushima   https://bit.ly/2XR6Ef9     

12/26/18 Five Year Prison Terms Sought for TEPCO Execs   https://bit.ly/2EWB21o  

9/2/18 Olympic flame for 2020 Games to be lit on 3/11 anniversary, IOC chief says in interview  https://bit.ly/2SYkBV4 

3/6/18 The latest study on radiation in Fukushima Prefecture is devastating http://bit.ly/2thJ9kk

2/7/18 Fukushima Operator Aims to Double Visitors by 2020 Olympics http://bit.ly/2FjGIDg

11/20/17 GE Faces Lawsuit in Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Brought by over 150,000 Japanese Residents and Hundreds of Businesses   http://bit.ly/2AixILG 

8/19/17 700,000 Tons of Fukushima Radioactive Water Dumped into Ocean is Understatement  http://bit.ly/2Al5oIQ

4/10/17 Apr 10, 2017 — Becquerel Awareness Day April 10th TODAY it’s all about THE BECQUEREL, Bq. https://www.facebook.com/RADSrBAD2EAT/
•The Bq is a measurement of #radiation in food. This year, Becquerel Awareness Day focuses on athletes and fans at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with events scheduled only 12-1/2 miles from the ongoing triple #nuclear meltdown at #Fukushima Daiichi. Libbe HaLevy, producer and host of the internationally syndicated Nuclear Hotseat, takes an in-depth look at the consequences of the 2020 Summer Olympics in #Japan ~ specifically Fukushima ~ featuring:
• Kimberly Roberson, founder of FFAN-Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network and Becquerel Awareness Day.
• Cindy Folkers, Radiation and Health Specialist at Beyond Nuclear
• Nancy Foust, Communications manager & research team member at SimplyInfo

LISTEN HERE:   http://lhalevy.audioacrobat.com/download/lhalevy-20170420091256-1178.mp3

A MESSAGE FROM FFAN-Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network:
Around the world children who are currently adolescent and possibly younger are in training to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games in Japan. Their parents most likely have no idea that some of the venues will be in close proximity to the most devastating and ongoing nuclear and industrial disaster in world history, Fukushima Daiichi. SIGN and SHARE the PETITION here: http://chn.ge/22j0Xko.
Please DONATE and LEARN MORE about FFAN’s Citizen Petition on FOOD– access links for individuals and organizations HERE. FFAN is www.FFAN.us and on TWITTER @ffan4u FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124537680994270/

FFAN-Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network www.ffan.us
is a fiscally sponsored project of Beyond Nuclear. Your tax deductible contribution makes our work possible. Thank you!

3/11/17  World Athletes to Gather at Fukushima for 2020 Olympics. Petition Update Needs Your Support! http://chn.ge/22j0Xko

9/1/16 Daily Mail UK ~   Japan Olympic Committee *independent* panel finds nothing illegal in moneylaundering investigation, fail to interview key suspects  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-3769906/Tokyo-s-successful-2020-bid-didn-t-break-laws-says-Japanese-Olympic-Committee.html 

5/16/16 Daily Mail UK ~ London in Frame to Host 2020 Games? Prosecutors Investigate Possible Money Laundering During Japan’s Bid   http://tinyurl.com/jdx2uw3

4/14/16 SBWire ~ Parents, Health Experts Say No 2020 Olympics in Radioactive Fukushima http://tinyurl.com/j82vpau

3/11/16 Associated Press ~ Japanese Olympic Minister Backs Fukushima for Softball, Baseball in 2020 Games http://bit.ly/1o0xONe

2/29/16 RT News ~3 TEPCO Execs Indicted for Negligence at Fukushima http://bit.ly/1Yo0a10

2/24/16 Counterpunch ~ Fukushima Deep Trouble http://bit.ly/1Qd3NoN

11/1/15 Natural Awakenings Magazine~Mindfulness Matters http://bit.ly/1iOlFYY

9/12/15 Japan Times reports bags of soil and other debris contaminated by Fukushima Daiichi are washed to sea in eastern Japan during typhoon flooding http://bit.ly/1XX7stC

7/1/15 Natural Awakenings Magazine Interviews FFAN volunteer director Kimberly Roberson in the Food Democracy issue http://www.naeastbay.com/EAST/July-2015/Fukushima-Fallout/

4/07/15 Press Release Stop Fast Track TPP, Say NO to Radioactive Food from Japan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBCF3F8O-lQ

1/28/15 Five Things You Aren’t Being Told About Fukushima  http://bit.ly/1tKWED2

6/14 FDA Criticized for Advising Pregnant Women and Children to Eat More Seafood ttp://goo.gl/IUESzZ

4/3/14 Press Release: FDA Slow to Respond to Fukushima, Groups Demand More Robust Food Testing:  http://goo.gl/ua0trv

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Click on the ‘Take Action’ page to sign our urgent SAMPLE LETTER TO ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Also please take a minute to sign the Bye Bye Becquerel petition to keep harmful radioactive waste out of our food, be it conventionally grown or organic, and to learn more about our Citizen Petition to FDA!!

NEXT, add your comments to the FDA CITIZEN PETITION filed on March 12, 2013 by FFAN coalition members Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Health, and Ecological Options Network to significantly lower cancer causing Cesium 134 and 137 in the U.S. food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical supply, including imports from Japan. (The U.S. currently has the HIGHEST allowable levels in the world, twelve times higher than Japan.) The simple action of adding your comments will encourage FDA to accept the petition and important supporting documentation into their official process, otherwise it could be denied altogether. CLICK ON BLUE OR YELLOW BUTTON in the right column of this page TO COMMENT NOW. Thank you.actions

Watch this space for further news, alerts and developments.

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    1. dennis

      Every one needs safe food! Do not eat GMO’s or products made from GMO’s. That pretty much means nothing in a can, package or box. Do not drink fluoride. Do not chew gum or drink bottled or canned drinks unless you want aspartame (banned in most countries). Do not eat seafood from the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico. I choose North Atlantic cod. Do not eat salmon, it’s either contaminated or GM (genetically modified). I buy Amish produce or food from Whole Foods if you have one near you. The best, cleanest all organic every thing! There is an agenda to keep you ill. It’s a win win for Monsanto and other Ag companies. It’s a boon for the cancer industry, the AMA, the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies. They want you sick and dying. Congressmen and Senators who live to be almost 100 years old do not eat what we are presented with nor do they get the same kind of healthcare! Wake up sheeple….they want you a slave and dead!

  1. Lisa Zure

    I go on record as supporting this petition. It is immoral to poison us and then lie. Fukishima continues to threaten not just Japan and the part of the world, but the entire the Pacific Northwest and all the way down to the most southern tip of the US (California)— and Mexico? The UN has not stepped in to abate this problem. The world has not stepped in. This is a crime against Humanity, and our homeland. Unspeakable. There is much work to be done, some of it too late.

  2. Kathryn Sonenshine

    What we are experiencing is the exact reason Nuclear Power is NOT SAFE!! AND THE COVER-UP : DROPPING IT FROM THE NEWS!!! Many people are totally unaware of CONTINUING DANGERS!!! At the absolute very least, we must begin to know how much radiation is in the food we are buying eating and serving our families, so we can decide what is safe to eat!!

  3. Robert Weston

    There are those who will do the “right thing” because it is the right thing to do; and there are those who will only do the “right thing” when they are forced to, because it is not in their best interest. That is why a petition like this is necessary, and a movement that creates the awareness needed, is crucial.

  4. angie clara eninew

    please care for our future generations”please sign and share..thank you..

  5. Nicholas Karant

    We do not want irradiated food in our body
    We must tell our legislators that we don’t
    Want irradiated food and they must pass
    Legislation to stop the procedior.

  6. Tom and Pat Lawson

    The proposal to “dispose of” radioactive and toxic waste near Kincardine on the Bruce Peninsula is an insane concept. To understand exactly why, read online Tom Lawson’s Crazy Caverns via http://www.crazycaverns.wordpress.com. Grassroots is the only way to bring about meaningful change. We’ve got to change the way we think and the way we live. The nuclear industry just happens to be the ultimate Pandora’s Box. Its poison will have to be monitored forever. Let’s at least stop creating more.

  7. Alison Greene-Barton

    I am shocked at how the subject is avoided by the news media and government. This should be on the world radar and we should be coming together as a world to solve this ever increasing problem. My fear is that by the time our world leaders wake up it will be too late. I constantly try and educate people and most don’t believe what I am saying because there is very little out there about this. We need to change that reality with these kinds of petitions. Thank you.

  8. Doris

    I am a grandmother. In order to make sure that the food that i feed to my little grandson safe, we must have food tested for radiation. What is going to happen to our children, grandchildren, and the chldren of the future if they continue to consume radioactive food?

  9. Peggy Dirsa

    I am so afraid to buy any food or beverage that might be in my grocery store and coming from California or anything at all from the ocean! I no longer eat any seafood and I am afraid to feed my cats anything sea-food related in their cat food even. I am so angry that what happened at Fukushima is being ignored by the media and most people are being lied to about the danger that still exists. Make things RIGHT!!!

  10. Lee

    Please follow the link. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima.html
    If not clickable, copy and paste in your browser.

    Jim Stone broke the story on the Fukushima event. When I first learned what happened, something was not right, and being a truth seeker in a world full of lies, I was not shocked or surprised by what Jim Stone revealed. I live in northern California near the San Francisco Bay Area and there are abnormally high rates of cancer in women. I had family and friends that worked at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory who later died of cancer or other diseases.

    Please read the articles Jim Stone writes, thoroughly. Yes, they are complex and there are photos to help with what he describes.

    If you want to be healthy and boost your immunity, please eat green leafy vegetables. Plants grown in a garden are a good start. Grow your own food and consume plants that have lots of natural Iodine, such as found in kelp or seaweed.

    1. Connemara

      You can read online that the produce from California is the more radioactive of the foods.
      So you are getting these greens from California and Mexico and you think they are
      healthy but they have more radiation than other foods. So it is necessary to get them
      locally or grow locally, and not shipped in. Unfortunately in Utah and other drier western states close to CA, almost all food is trucked in from CA or Mexico, including all the great so-called healthy foods at Whole Foods – all the greens say “Grown in the USA” and that means trucked in from CA. It’s really alarming, no one is saying anything about it. But you can google “radiation, produce, CA” and you
      will find the radiation measurements are high in the produce in CA. Then you have to study the maps
      of where the radiation is going, because the cloud is all over North America and somewhat
      South America. Maybe the East Coast of Africa might have healthier food…? Somebody who
      knows, please reply. I can’t afford a personal food radiation monitor. The best you can do is soak
      in veggie wash and then personally, I use a whisk brush and clean both sides of leaves like
      collard greens under running water, whisking several times ea. side because a large part of
      the radiation is in the dust particles that adhere to the leaves. Either use veggie wash or order
      purslane as a wash. Read Hosea 4:1-3 …”…there is no acknowledgment of God in the land…the land mourns;…all things that live in it will waste away…” – that is because corporations don’t think there is a God who designed life good enough and humans want to make synthetic food or GMO to control the population, and make money, not acknowledging God’s original design and purity and the sacred geometry built into organic food structure and plant structure which creates vigor and strong immune systems and the continuation of the seed of life. The aliens have warned us by stamping the wheat fields with their sign language (crop circles–don’t you know that circles mean endless life?), warning that this food has been tampered with and that it does not contain the force of life that God put into natural food that would create strong generations…you see, now appears all this gluten allergy, etc. as the outcome, and intestinal permeability…lowered immunity, we just could not read what the aliens were telling us about those wheat fields. They were saying it was death. It had not the “life of God” in it. There is a sacred design that contains life force…it is a higher science and here on earth we only know the science of tampering and greed, so to make money, the root of all evil, and I must say, death. Death to the generating power of humans. Sperm count is lowering. Etc., etc. Look on YouTube and see the comparison of land production that has been raped by chemicals, GMO’s and pesticides and glyphosate. After a few years, the production is way down, crops are sluggish and lack the rich green chlorophyll, they are diseased crops, and the land becomes less and less productive. That is what Hosea means by “the land mourns.” It has lost its vitality and resilience. Live in Christ and Die in Christ, stand for truth, and He will return your life, after the evil people dig their own pit and fall into it – which is also scriptorial, and you can find this prophecy in the math of the Great Pyramids too. That is the way it will go. And those deserving will inherit the earth afterwards. Do not take the mark of the beast.

  11. D

    If there is anyone reading this that is in a position to do something about it, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO SOMETHING!

  12. Marie

    Thank you so much for your courageous
    work. I have been following this since day one and have also been letting people know that will listen about this life altering
    As a grandmother I am extremely concerned about the health of our children and grand children.
    I will support this petition and pass it along.
    Be well..

  13. Brian

    No amount of radiation is good for anyone. I am angered that the MSM and the government continues to ignore a problem that grows by the day. The day is coming when someone goes swimming off of California and gets a big enough dose of radiation to kill them. The radiation leaking from Fukushima is going into the Pacific Ocean at an accelerated rate. The misconception is that it mixes out evenly. It does not. There will be hot zones and not so hot zones, but it will still be radioactive. This is a huge disaster in progress.

  14. Kurt

    I am a Restaurant owner in Brazil. Since Fukushima I do not buy any Seafood from the Pacific, and also specially no dried mushrooms from anywhere close to the pacific as we know since tshernobyl that all mushrooms accumulate tons of radioactivity.
    May God bless us all.


  15. Toni Reita ND

    Ionizing radiation can break molecules, at a cellular level, causing unpredictable chemical reactions.

    Think of vibrations breaking glass, that is what happens at a cellular level, in your body, from ionizing radiation.

    Ionizing radiation is insidious, these large subatomic particles travel until they are stopped.

    Your skin can easily stop them.

    Once they are ingested, inhaled, or enter your body through a cut, their grotesque potent force cuts through your body like knife through butter, into the cells, blood or other organs, impacting other organs and leaving behind hideous, shocking damage.

    A single alpha particle from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium or Radon can deliver a huge blast of radiation inside your body. This radiation energy can destroy your genetic material at a cellular level.

    Once radionuclides are released into the environment they circulate and are carried with the winds until they become part of the soil and food chain. They land in our drinking water, are on the pastures that our livestock graze on, are on our vegetables and in our fruit trees.

    This is particularly dangerous for humans because we are at the top of the food chain, where the higher concentrations of radionuclides are.

    Most Common Diseases From Ionizing Radiation:

    * leukemia
    * lymphoma
    * solid tumors or any organ
    * bone & blood disorders
    * heart disorders
    * lung cancer
    * breast cancer
    * endocrine disruption
    * reproductive abnormalities
    * accelerated aging process
    * birth defects
    * congenital malformations
    * kidney, liver damage

    I don’t believe that we can avoid radiation in our food, including organic, in the Northern Hemisphere, instead I work daily, and have since Fukushima to enhance my immune system, detox to remove heavy metal contaminants and boost antioxidants to kill free radicals… of course, nothing from the Pacific, no mushrooms as they are hyper accumulators of radiation etc. I assume my organic food is contaminated and will continue my easy daily program for the rest of my life. What about you?

    Discover my top 50 solutions to help minimize radiation damage.


  16. Katherine Koch

    Could Japan be able to damage whales in this accidental way, more effectively than they could ever accomplish through their whaling hunts? The high levels of radioactive cesium all over the Pacific bode danger for the largest mammals on earth.

  17. Marushka France

    Not only Cesium. Our food supply needs to be tested and we need to take supplements to avoid absorption: 800mg Calcium/350mg Magnesium, Antioxidants, trace minerals, and 3-5 grams of Vit C/day. We need soils tested and amended with supplements to block absorption into crops – the food supply! Some of what comes from Fukushima: Strontium-89, Strontium-90, Yttrium-90, Zirconium-95, Niobium-95, Ruthenium-106, Rhodium-106, Antimony-125, Iodine-131, Xenon-133, Caesium-137, Caesium-134, Cerium-144 (loads of this), Protoactinium-147, Europium-154, Plutonium-238, 239, 240, 241, Americium (Yes)-241 and 243, Curium-242,243,244, and of course Uranium 238,235 and 234.

    Plutonium-239/240 detected from 2 discharge channels and 3km offshore of Fukushima nuclear plant..

    Once the Pu239 is out, it stays 241,000 years. As for Pu240, it becomes Am241 (4,000 years) and then turning into Np237 (22 mil years). Spent Fuel Pool 3 is gone, with all the plutonium 239, 240, 241, and reactor 2 was gone completely in 2011, with all it’s inventory.

  18. Darrin D Bravo

    I want to cry everyday for our children. It was 1967 when ground first broke. Thank you General Electric building it. General Electric should making large donations.

  19. Jessica Rossi

    Come on! We have enough stress triggers to worry about in the US. The FDA needs to take responsibility where responsibility is supposed to be recognized and do their job as the Food and Drug Administration; relieving US citizens from the burden of stress to easily choose safe food for their family. This is crazy. Our children and families are going to and do suffer serious health risks due to the lack of attention and detail paid to our food and or drugs. What does the FDA stand for? Help us.

  20. Steve W

    Humanity is a self-extinguishing species. We are just in the process of doing just that. Dumping ourselves the extinction heap with all the other species that have come before us. No surprise. What is surprising is how long humanity has lasted.

  21. Mandy L.

    Please accept the petition and supporting documentation. The American people deserve to be told the truth. Mainly because…we already know it.

  22. Shayla

    Where is it safe to live? I live in Fresno, California…
    Where in the WORLD is safe from this disaster?

    My question is WHY is something not being done about this. The World needs a HUGE
    shift in how we do things ALL around. This should be TOP priority among so many others.

    Instead things just keep getting swept under the rug and life goes on like none of this matters.

  23. I AM

    WE MUST make producing radiation illegal. Every home and business can use solar now. I do and so can you. Making that our first government subsidized priority will create jobs and solve the energy crisis.

  24. Jennifer Arnold

    Nuclear Power is what this experience is about — ATOMIC ABUSE is what is happening inside of ” Nuclear Power Plants .” Start using the word ATOMIC ABUSE to describe the problem.

    Genetically Modified Organisms are when plants and animals evolve . Genetically Mutilated DNA Order is when a fish gene is placed inside the reproduction of a tomato plant . Do not call Genetically Mutilated DNA modified , it is Mutilated , not Modified .

    The Kundalini , is the shape of the letters of the words. The female life essence , must reflect the truth as it is .

  25. Earthling70

    With no plans on how to get rid of the toxic waste from the NE plants… And here we are at an ELE… MORE NUCLEAR PLANTS??

    There is no sign of intelligent life here. Beam me up Scotti!

    bty.. Where are these environmentally responsible / concerns Ppl?? FDA I agree should be outraged!!

  26. Jimmy Golden Jr

    I would like to say thankyou to everyone outthere that is trying to do the rite thing!!! I have a niece that was living off the coast of oregon for the the last couple of years. Her daughter “Nattalie” 7 or8 years old was diagnosed with lymphnoed cancer a few months ago. She now has to hav a blood transfution 1-2 times a week!!! She also has a little brother “Alex”. I pray for them n fier to think of the future . I hav so much to say….. I will sign n also try to find as many ways i can contribute as i can!!! I’LL GO ON THE RECORD AND SAY ……. IF I EVER COME FACE TO FACE WITH ONE OF THOSE “*@<HOLES" I SEE ON THE NEWS THAT HAVE ANYTHING ATT ALL TO DO WITH THIS B.S. I'M GONNA KNOCK THEM ON THERE "MUTHA ….ING ASS!!!!!!!" Thanxs Jimmy Golden Jr.

  27. Jon Abel

    I have measured radiation along the coast of California. The threat is here, now, in the U.S. Please, someone needs to take responsibility and start cleaning up this mess. Japan advised that it will take 150 billion to clean up the disaster. Unfortunately, not even trillions can clean up the entire Pacific ocean. We need a new method for producing energy. I have built the following machine to exploit background radio-energy which does not use nuclear power – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHxK1VWrXcM

    This is a replication of the open-source patent #512,340 (Nikola Tesla), and I am using an induction cooktop to power the device (for simplification purposes). It can power any resistive load – including high-frequency/high-voltage electrolysis of water, light bulbs, resistive heaters, and inverters. For further information, please see http://jnaudin.free.fr/gegene/indexen.htm

  28. Pete

    Japan has passed a gag order law on its citizens to keep them quiet about the state of Japan. Ground zero may be in Japan but the fallout makes Fukushima everyone’s business now.
    Just because radiation fallout is invisible and not causing you pain yet doesn’t mean its not there.

  29. Winston Saint

    We totally support what the FFAN is trying to do. “3/11: The Fallout” is a book trying to raise awareness of the dangers of radioactive contamination and fight the Japanese government’s attempts to crush the truth. Every cent from sales will go to help the Fukushima families who are STILL HOMELESS three years after the tragedy because of bureaucratic incompetence and public apathy.

  30. Susan

    We quit eating Pacific seafood 3 yrs ago after Fukushima. We felt like they weren’t telling the whole truth and now it comes out they lied. It’s a news black out because they don’t want the public to panic and the fishing business to suffer I guess. We don’t buy anything from Ca or Mexico at the stores. You can grow most of your vegetables in 5 gallon buckets with added potting soil. I’m doing it now. Buy Heirloom seeds. Check out videos on You Tube. Grow enough to can or dehydrate your food in qt jars. Research herbs that will help cleanse your body. God Help Us and God Bless! We are on our own since they aren’t even trying to warn people! If you live on the West Coast, move if you can. Your health depends on it. We moved from Ca to NC mountains.

    1. Kroberson Post author

      Thanks for the great tips Susan. There is even more sad news in that there really isn’t a safe place to live anymore where nukes are concerned, or very few. Every nuclear reactor (and there are currently 100 in the US, with a high concentration in the northeast) in fact regularly releases radiation via “planned batch releases” http://www.beyondnuclear.org/storage/documents/Routine%20Releases_Dec%202012.pdf.
      Now with the disaster unfolding at WIIP in New Mexico, there is more fallout to easterly states. Fukushima served to open our eyes to the nuclear industry’s impact on food, but there are many other points to consider, even in North Carolina unfortunately. California has one commercially operating nuclear power plant, other states have far more (Illinois has the most). Best of luck to you and thank you for your post.

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